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It is in knowing the technology to be safe & secure from the emerging cyber threats!


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Along with Technology (Digitalization), Cyber Security has also become an internal part of our life system.

Where organizations need to safeguard their Information and individuals need to safeguard their Privacy.

We are here to help every individual & organizations achieve cybersecurity and be Safe & Secure!

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Our uniqueness:

The Hackers Club

A place where hackers hack ethically and earn rewards!

If only hacking interests you, this is the place – Now in Mangalore


For every IT needs

A framework designed to protect organizations from every cyber threats!

Upgrade your security posture

Threat Hunting

A measure to assess the vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your websites, applications, network, and in the entire organization! To protect from hackers!

Our Key Areas:

Children's, Youths, Employees & almost every one needs awareness on Cyber Security. We aim to help & make them understand the importance of security via various approaches.

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Cyber Security has become a very important need for every organization. Cyber is not easy to handle and it requires the involvement of expertness to secure it. For all your cyber security need, we are here to help you be secure & safe

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Make your career in Cyber Security - The most Demanding & Well Paid career so far.. Learn Ethical Hacking, get trained, get certified, work on real time scenarios & lot more you get here!

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Cyber crimes are increasing and people need guidance in order to face and fight for their innocence. We help people and organizations deal with the cyber crimes and get back what they have lost.

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For every 10 mins a cyber crime happens in India

Humans have become most vulnerable to the Digital Technology, and are loosing their hard earned savings in these frauds unknowingly!

We have a seen a tremendous growth of cyber crime in India and among every age group from kids to elders! The Major issue we see here is the lack of education and lack of awareness! Every individual in this country has the right to education & awareness. CyberSapiens mission is to connect to people of every age group and educate them as per the applicability. To achieve this, we conduct many programs and our primary goal is to make India a Secure Digital Nation.


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