cybersapiens hackersclub

The Hackers Club – THC, is an initiative by Cyber Sapiens United LLP to provide a real-time platform to the students, working & non-working individuals for performing hacking legally.

This club is for those enthusiastic people who have real hacking skills and are able to find loopholes/vulnerabilities in the technology.

Any interested person can join THC, and start hacking.

We do not have any qualification criteria, what we see is your knowledge and interest in the field.

Moreover, you will also get paid for hacking and reporting vulnerabilities based on the level…

But Before you get Selected...

There will be a screening test done on the candidates who would want to join THC. The screening shall be based on the individuals’ knowledge & skills on cyber security.

Once enrolled, the member will have to work on any platforms and come up with the loopholes on the platform.

What you will get!

  1. Get Hands-on Experience.
  2. Work on Real-Time Projects
  3. Enhance your Hacking Skills
  4. Gain More Knowledge

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