Red Team Assessment - Threat Hunting

Red Team Assessment is an Offensive testing performed to identify bugs and test the security of the platform.

The testing is done in a complete manual process and not using any automated tools.

It carries a very high advanced level skills and techniques to identify loopholes in the systems/web applications which the real-time black hat hackers make use of to perform cyber-attacks causing a huge impact on the organizations.

Identified about 1000+ Cyber Threats

Red Team Assessment helps organizations to assess their internal defensive mechanisms and also the loopholes which exists in the external facing platforms.

We perform complete manual assessment and not use any automated tools to identify the vulnerabilities

We also use a lot of tools and methods, and not just be dependent on one, or a few

Our scope has no limits – which means that we hunt for threats on your platforms from a real-time hackers perspective and we work exactly like the black hat hackers but in an ethical manner

We perform complete Black Box Testing, which would be similar to a real time hacking

We charge only when we find threats in your platforms, else we do not charge you. The more secure you are, the less the expenditure would be.

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